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Refund Policy

We understand that things might not go as smooth as you expected.
Meanwhile there no sex shops that qualify their customers for refunds on sex toys - we want to be better. We will qualify your order for refund, if you can return it in original packaging and all original items included. However, due to not being able to resell the same merchandise - we can only offer you 40% back on your total price paid. We agree that it's not much, but that's the best we can do at this time, considering the type of toys that we sell.* 

In addition to that, to ensure that there are no missing or damages items, all merchandise is carefully verified and packed before it leaves the warehouse by scanning each individual item using a verifying software to eliminate any human errors. If you believe that something is missing in your order, first double check the original packaging that the item came in. If you still cannot find an item that was part of your order, contact us immediately at or via phone number listed below and one of our customer support agents will be happy to assist you.

Although all items are inspected for damages before they leave the warehouse, you should still check your merchandise before the delivery person leaves (or not too far from you), to ensure that everything is intact. If exterior damages are discovered, you must inform the driver within 20 MINUTES AFTER THE DELIVERY. Contact us within 24 hours with the receipt of goods and original information. Keep all original boxes and packing material. Take pictures and email them to us including your order number.


*this only applies for orders received within 24 hours*


It's our promise to deliver sex toys same day. Place your order before 8:30 PM to qualify for the same day sex toys delivery.


Got problems with your order? We're here to help you 24/7/365! Seriously! We love helping you!


Packed nicely in a sealed, brown paper bag so your neighbours won't get jealous!


Worry-free, verified payment gateways. Easier than buying milk!

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